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My New Project!!

I am so excited to talk to you about my new project, Tutor Menagerie!

Tutor Menagerie is a website that is meant to bring together tutors with students in my local area.  I live in Valley Stream on Long Island, and the website currently focuses on tutors who service New York City and Long Island.

So far, the website is very basic.  it is broken down into two main groups – tutors on Long Island, and tutors in New York City.  The website also has a blog with feature tutors and other pertinent content!

Please visit the website and let me know what you think! This is the first business that I have created (along with my brother), and any advice would be wonderful.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a tutor on the site, please let me know!

Thanks guys,



Life After the Wedding

Dan and I were engaged for almost two years before we got married.  We lived together for three years. And here we are, married.  The wedding was amazing!  Things have not been that different, except that I really have had the urge recently to cook more.

We got married at the The Woodlands at Woodbury.  The food was amazing, and the place was absolutely gorgeous.

The flowers were from Colonial Flower Shop in Bellmore.  The flowers were so beautiful.  I will post pictures of them later!  The chuppah was PERFECT!

The photograph was Paul from John Warren Wright Studios.  He took pictures at Brian (my brother) and my bar and bat mitzvahs.  The pictures are gorgeous! There are soooo many though and it is taking a long time to go through.

Our band, Dave Clarke and the Renegades was the star of the show.  Everyone was up and dancing the entire time.

To many more wonderful years!