Monthly Archives: September 2016

Starting a Farmers Market

I love them.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a small farmers market right outside my office. I wish it was larger.  Once in a while I will splurge and buy a scone for myself. Splurge hahah who am I kidding – I eat pastries all of the time :). Luckily now that I am breastfeeding though no matter what I eat the weight manages to fall off. But I digress. Anyway, back to farmers markets.  I came up with the idea that the town where I live, Valley Stream, should have a farmers market. So far, I have taken one step. I contacted Fresh Connect.  Fresh Connect is a program which has multiple facets in New York State, one of which brings farmers markets to areas which do not have them and would benefit from them.  There was a button on their website which said “Want a Farmers Market in Your Area?” – yes! I clicked through and filled out the form, explaining why I thought a farmers market would be beneficial in our area and my contact information.

I really hope Fresh Connect contacts me soon! I am excited to get this project started.

Does anyone have advice on how to start a farmers market?


Oh No – I Forgot the Pump

So on Thursday night, one of my worst fears as a breastfeeding mom happened. I forgot my pump at work, and I needed to be somewhere else the next day (and was going to be away from the baby the whole entire day). I began panicking and trying to figure out how to get the pump – would I go back at 5 am to get the pump before getting ready for my day?  All of a sudden a wonderful thought popped into my head – Target, Walmart, they are open late aren’t they? They are going to have what I need!

It was already 9:50, and we have a Target pretty close to where I live.  I hopped in the car, and less than ten minutes later I was at Target. I go to the baby aisle, and there I see a manual pump. Hallelujah. I restrain myself from shopping any more (confession, I absolutely love target and will spend hours there if let to my own devices) and go to the checkout area to buy the pump. I feel so, so relieved.

The manual pump did not work as well as the electric pump does, but it definitely saved the day.

Has this happened to anyone else?