So, We Found Our Home

backyardWe found our gorgeous home! Above is a panorama picture of our deck and backyard.

A colonial in Gibson.

Valley Stream in Nassau County, Long Island is where we chose to buy our home. We love it here. We have a gorgeous backyard (not too big but just perfect). The house was listed as four bedrooms, but is actually three.  The fourth bedroom is the attic, which is an awesome living space, but definitely not where I want any of our children living – that is, at least until they are teenagers.

The next thing on our agenda for real estate is a possible summer home. We are thinking of buying a house on the North Fork of Long Island.  We got engaged on Orient Point and really enjoy the wineries, the small cute towns, and the beautiful beaches. The houses are expensive, but there are many more deals to be found there than there are in the Hamptons, for sure. The North Fork house hunting is definitely a long term project. We are not ready to look for real, as we just had a new baby! She is six months now so not BRAND new, but still new. We are absolutely in love 🙂 and takes away most of our free time. It is a wonder that I was able to write this post, but she went to be really early tonight.


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