Oreo Coolatta!!!!

So today I finally gave in and had my first oreo coolatta of the season.  I kept hearing ads for it on the radio and could not help myself any longer. I LOVE these.  I had my first one two seasons ago and I just love the creamy sweet coffee and the little chocolate oreo pieces —- yum.  I totally intended to get a small but then my friend behind the counter at dunkin donuts (can’t help if i am friendly hehehe) near my job gave me an upgrade for free with a touch of whipped cream.  and now i am still awake.  too much caffeine, though it definitely kept me going during the day.  Seriously though it really absolutely hit the spot.  

And then luckily when I came home pretty late from work I had made food already so I did not have to worry about dinner – I had baked ziti leftovers that I had cooked on Wednesday.  I will put up that recipe another day – definitely man friendly yet somewhat healthy because I used a little less cheese and made it using part skim cheeses.  I love learning to cook – it is a lot of fun for me. 


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