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Looking for a Home

Dan and I have recently started looking to buy a house and we are very conflicted about it.

On one hand, we really love where we live.  We live in a two bedroom apartment in Astoria, across the street from Dan’s grandparents, and have a very sweet deal.

We know that we want to live in either Queens or Long island and have started to focus in on certain towns.

I however don’t know if I am ready to leave Astoria. 

I am conflicted about moving to a house that we will have to pay a lot more per month for our mortgage.  I am conflicted about moving farther away from the city.  I am conflicted about whether we will be moving into the right town!

How will we know what house we want to buy? How do we know what the right neighborhood is? It is really very tough.

Port Washington is my favorite.  It is a gorgeous town.  Today we looked at a house, which was very nice.  The main issue was that it only had one bathroom! Granted, the bathroom was very large, but I think that a family need more than one toilet!!! I can think of many instances where Dan and I had to go to the bathroom at the same time.  What happens when you add one or two kids into the mix?

Dan is more into north flushing, in Queens, because he is obsessed with the like 22 minute commute to get into the city.  The houses are beautiful, but there is definitely much less of a town than Port Washington. 

What do you recommend?


Oreo Coolatta!!!!

So today I finally gave in and had my first oreo coolatta of the season.  I kept hearing ads for it on the radio and could not help myself any longer. I LOVE these.  I had my first one two seasons ago and I just love the creamy sweet coffee and the little chocolate oreo pieces —- yum.  I totally intended to get a small but then my friend behind the counter at dunkin donuts (can’t help if i am friendly hehehe) near my job gave me an upgrade for free with a touch of whipped cream.  and now i am still awake.  too much caffeine, though it definitely kept me going during the day.  Seriously though it really absolutely hit the spot.  

And then luckily when I came home pretty late from work I had made food already so I did not have to worry about dinner – I had baked ziti leftovers that I had cooked on Wednesday.  I will put up that recipe another day – definitely man friendly yet somewhat healthy because I used a little less cheese and made it using part skim cheeses.  I love learning to cook – it is a lot of fun for me. 

Oh No!

The above is what happened to my right rearview mirror today.

I was driving on the southern state parkway when the mirror SLIGHTLY came into contact with what looked like the most giant orange and white traffic cone that I had ever seen.  The mirror, still attached, continued to bang into the side of the car, causing many small scratches.

Luckily, across the parking lot from my work is an auto body shop, which everyone loves.  I got an estimate for the mirror replacement, which was not so bad, and they ordered the piece.  I will be getting a new mirror either tomorrow or Friday.  

This is the second time that I have an issue with a mirror.  A few months ago, the driver’s side mirror was STOLEN.  I reported it to the police, who said that people steal the mirrors to sell them. 

Anyway, it is much, much easier to drive with the right side busted then the left side…though I am looking forward to having a fresh untracked mirror again on both sides. 

Life After the Wedding

Dan and I were engaged for almost two years before we got married.  We lived together for three years. And here we are, married.  The wedding was amazing!  Things have not been that different, except that I really have had the urge recently to cook more.

We got married at the The Woodlands at Woodbury.  The food was amazing, and the place was absolutely gorgeous.

The flowers were from Colonial Flower Shop in Bellmore.  The flowers were so beautiful.  I will post pictures of them later!  The chuppah was PERFECT!

The photograph was Paul from John Warren Wright Studios.  He took pictures at Brian (my brother) and my bar and bat mitzvahs.  The pictures are gorgeous! There are soooo many though and it is taking a long time to go through.

Our band, Dave Clarke and the Renegades was the star of the show.  Everyone was up and dancing the entire time.

To many more wonderful years!